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Matt Cogin

Matt Cogin

Head Youth Coach

Tom Cartwright


Tom's Story

I’ve got the most rewarding job in the world – I get to motivate and guide people to change their lives for the better every single day. For me, to see someone smile is one of life’s greatest experiences, and I’m so fortunate that I can live my life helping my clients smile as they break through their limitations and step into the life they want.

My days weren’t always so full of smiles. In my previous life, I worked in hospitality for over 6 years. I lived my life day to day without really considering what I really wanted or what made me happy. The result was growing unhappiness and dissatisfaction inside me, which I tried to escape through drinking and gambling (which some of you might already know makes things worse, not better).

Eventually I moved to Whistler in Canada and lived there for 2 years. During my time up there, the distance gave me the clarity I needed to notice what I really valued and appreciated at home. But after I came back, I started to fall into those old and familiar self-destructive behaviour patterns, and I knew something had to change.

I had to change...


I started learning about personal development, and came across coaching. WOW. The quality of the relationship I formed with my coach, as well as the many personal insights that I gained in my coaching sessions impressed and excited me. I quickly realised that using coaching knowledge, I could not only create the change I wanted in myself, but I could also pay it forward to help others too.

So I made a decision to live my life to the fullest, never settling for ‘good enough’ or ‘second best’ again. I made a commitment to myself, and educated myself through some of Australia’s top training providers.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve built a business I’m proud of, and know first-hand that if you want something enough anything is possible with the right amount of guidance, hard work and passion. I use my personal experience and coaching knowledge to offer specialised support for youth and their parents, and I pride myself on the strong relationships I create with all of my clients.

Here’s what I believe – there are two sides of the game to play in life, playing it small or playing it large. There’s nothing in between. You’re simply giving it your all or settling for second best. The good news is that if you want to play it large, there is always a way to get you there.

I make it my personal mission to help my clients find their own way. So get in touch with me. The guidance and support you need is right here.

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Practitioner of Life Coaching – The Coaching Institute (TCI)
  • Accredited Extended DISC Trainer – JP Coaching & Training Pty Ltd
  • 2015 Member – International Coach Guild (ICG)
  • Practitioner of Hypnotherapy – Australian Success Academy (ASA)

Matt Cogin

Head Youth Coach

Matt's Story

Matt Cogin is a sought-after speaker and coach who has over 15,000 hours of experience working with youth. Matt speaks to thousands of young people each year in schools, conferences and prisons both nationally and internationally.

Some of the topic’s he speaks on include building positive self-esteem/self worth, developing resilience, emotional intelligence and anger management skills.

He has mentored & coached countless youth to stop using drugs, get their first job, reengage in school, improve interactions and relationships within their family, avoid jail and stay alive.

“I believe with the right support, guidance and encouragement, change is possible.”

This is something Matt learnt first hand after years of poor decisions as a teenager, and a driving force as to why he is so passionate about working with young people and parents.

Matt has worked with youth and adults from a range of backgrounds. From athletes in the NRL, parents, business owners, refugees, cooperates and young people experiencing challenges with their mental health, alcohol and drugs.

Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Community Services/Youth Work
  • Certified in Meta Dynamics – The Coaching Institute (TCI)
  • Suicide intervention skills training
  • 2018 Member – International Coach Guild (ICG)
  • Spoken, coached and mentored young people in over 10 countries
  • Currently studying Diploma of Life Coaching – The Coaching Institute (TCI)
    (Australasia’s leading coaching institute)

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