Sometimes you get the chance to live your dream. Sometimes everything goes wrong to stop you. Then you’re left with one question;

Do I let this setback stop me or do I use it to make things happen?

I remember when I was in year 9, sitting in a school assembly with over 1000 students. Looking up on stage at a speaker, talking about how he chased his dream and made it all the way. I remember thinking, “Imagine if I did that one day”. Nearly immediately after, my ego stepped in and told me that it wouldn’t happen.

Eleven years later, last Sunday I was prepared and ready to speak in front of over 200 people. Sharing a message about backing yourself at all costs. It seemed everything was working in my favour, everything was falling into place and nothing was getting in my way.

On the way to the talk, I had my first car accident. EVER! I was shocked and stressed, but only for a moment…… then I laughed.


Only 3 weeks before, I listened to Andy Anderson talk about self doubt and the negative self talk that pops into your head just before a really big moment. He said “that’s just the universe checking in with you, asking, are you worthy of this achievement?”.

So why did I laugh? Simple negative self talk, nerves or butterflies wasn’t enough to check if I was worthy of this achievement. An achievement that had been coming for 11 years. This was huge.

What better way to check if I was worthy, then to put me in a car accident only one hour before my dream, really rattle my cage and maybe ask “Tom, are you worthy of this?”

I laughed, thanked the universe and simply went on to rock the day.

To live your dream simply isn’t for the faint hearted. As they say “If it were easy, everyone would do it”.

Whether or not you let the setbacks decide how far you go, is simply up to you.