Live With Fear Or Die In A Safe Place

If you grew up near the beach, you’ve more than likely experienced the feeling of invincibility.


You know that feeling, as you grasp your hands into the wet sand and desperately hold your breath as mother nature propels a wave across the surface, only meters above. You know you’ve escaped it and it won’t get you. You know you’re safe.


And whilst you are down there everything seems so still and calm. The water is crystal clear. You can see meters in front of yourself and you know everything is ok. You know you will make it.


But then all too quickly the need for fresh air comes to the forefront of your thinking and everything changes. You realise the pounding surf awaits you above. The surface holds nothing but white wash, thrashing water and tumbling sand.


So in order to survive, you surface, you face fear and embrace the uncertainty of what’s above, because you simply have to.


Before you know it, it all seems too tough, you take a deep breath and head back down to your safe place. It’s funny isn’t it. In a time of stress or worry we like to play it safe yet we know it is under the wave, in the calmness and clear water that we actually can’t survive.


And we find ourselves in a cycle of life playing it safe, yet surfacing every now and then to breathe. Enough air to survive and get by. That’s about it. But I know you want more than to just survive, right?


You see sometimes we get stuck playing the game of life safe BUT deep down we all know that it is playing it safe that will kill us.

Getting in the game, facing the waves of fear and uncertainty is actually the only place you can strive and thrive. Keep filling those lungs, facing your fears, embracing uncertainty and remember that playing it safe isn’t actually playing at all. It’s simply a survival mechanism.