The Hospital Affect

As I walked through the hospital, this sense of kind curiosity lurked throughout the building. It was a gentle, almost like ‘stepping on eggshells’ kind of atmosphere. In the best kind of way.

Somehow knowing that we were surrounded by individuals not feeling their best was enough to remain non-judgmental and curious about their struggle.


Have you ever walked through a hospital and just ‘wondered’ how people were, what injury they had or how severe their battle might be?


You see, I believe some of us think this way because we are given the space to do just that. We know we are in a hospital. A place for sickness, injury, healing or recovery. So it is ok to be concerned for the people around us.


Often, once we leave that space, we forgot about all of that and believe everyone is doing just fine. We can stomp on the eggshells like it’s all ok. However, there are actually thousands of people walking passed us everyday and hundreds of them dealing with mental health issues right in that moment.


So maybe we don’t have to be ‘in the right space’ to have this caring curiosity for those around us. Maybe we will walk passed someone today that is really struggling with something big or small and a simple smile will change their day. Maybe we can have this attitude whilst walking the streets any day of the week and maybe we don’t have to wait until we are next in the doctor’s surgery or hospital to ‘wonder’ what others are dealing with.


The world itself is one giant hospital. When the time comes, especially for someone close to us, we will put on our scrubs, clock on for our shift and become that nurse. We will make them laugh, stay by their side or do things to help them out.


Will you wait until you’re next in the hospital to ‘wonder’ what others may be dealing with?