Success With The Flip of A Coin


Head = Fear, Ego, Problems

Heart = Courage, Love, Trust, Possibilities,


July 2013 – The conversation I had within my own head went something like this,


Head – “I am going to be stuck in this job forever”

Heart – “Unless there is there something else out there I could be doing?”

Head – “Nah, I’m only good at hospitality. Just keep doing this. One day you’ll be the boss and can make an odd $100,000. Who cares if you have to work 50 hours a week, 6 days a week, every weekend, every public holiday, Unable to play sport, drinking every night just to switch off from the club speakers that were blaring for the last 4 hours of your shift”

Heart – “That can’t seriously be my life for the next 40 years can it?”

Head – “Yep, because you are not good enough to do much else. Stick to what you know and play it safe”

Head – “Ok”


ANNNNNNNNND……this conversation was on repeat every week for about 6 months before, with the help of a friend, I backed myself, quit hospitality and stepped into the realm of “What the hell have I just done”.


For the next month the conversation went a little like this,


Head – “Stuff this, I’m going back”

Heart – “No way man. I have an opportunity. Don’t give up just yet. Give it a couple months and see what happens.”

Head – “Come on man, maybe a different hospitality job is all you need. Lets go back and be comfortable again.”

Heart – “I’ve got this, there must be something else.”


Fast forward 3 years and the conversation now goes something like this,


Heart – “I will never go back. I will never settle for second best”

Head – “You know you might fail?”

Heart – “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.”

Heart – “I’ve got this”

Heart – “Yes you do bro”

Heart- “Man I love what I do”

Head – “Oh, theres an opportunity for the business to step it up but it’s outside your comfort zone. Wanna chill here for a while and see what happens?”

Heart – “Nup, lets rock this $h#t. Bring it on”


Heart wins, I win.


Who is coming out on top with your current thinking? And what results do you have in your life because of that?


TIP – This isn’t heads or tails where gravity decides the outcome. This is Heads or Hearts. You choose which side of the coin to land, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!


Choose wisely……