Winter is Here

Do you prefer a sunny day?

Do you prefer a rainy day?


Or do you like a balance of both?


In order to create difference, we must have contrast. In order to appreciate all the sunny days, we must occasionally have these rainy days.


Like anything in life, we should really appreciate both sides of the story, the highs and the lows. Right?


Are some of you are still thinking you would rather only appreciate the highs?




If it wasn’t for the low points, how would we know we are experiencing high points?

If it weren’t for sadness, how would we know we are happy?

If the weather was always the same, would we ever have ‘good weather’?

If the grass was always greener, would it be any greener on the other side?


We must experience things we don’t like in order to really appreciate the things we do like.


If winter never came, after a while, we would stop appreciating summer.


In life, it is good to have set backs, to get knocked down, to not reach our goal. Because once we do experience that high, it is oh so much sweeter. Wouldn’t you say???


Winter is here AND I APPRECIATE IT!